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Tips for teaching adult piano students

Boram Choi
March 7, 2023
For Teachers

Teaching adult piano students can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for both the teacher and the student. As an adult learner, the motivation to learn the piano often comes from a deep passion for music, a desire to challenge oneself, or simply a wish to learn a new skill. Here are some tips that can help you be a successful teacher to adult piano students.

1. Be respectful and understanding

Adult learners come to you with a wide range of backgrounds, skill levels, and learning styles. It is important to listen to their goals, expectations, and concerns, and to tailor your teaching approach to their specific needs.

2. Be patient

Learning the piano takes time and practice. It can be frustrating for adult students who might feel like they are not making progress fast enough. As a teacher, it is important to be patient and supportive, and to encourage your students to enjoy the process of learning.

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3. Focus on the basics

It is important to focus on the fundamentals of piano playing such as proper posture, hand position, and finger dexterity. Adult learners might be tempted to skip these basics and move quickly to playing songs they love, but it is important to reinforce good habits from the beginning.

4. Be creative

Adult learners often have different musical interests than younger students. It can be helpful to incorporate a variety of music genres into your lessons, and to find ways to relate to your students' interests and backgrounds.

5. Provide opportunities for performance

Many adult learners are interested in performing, whether it is in front of an audience or just for family and friends. Providing opportunities for performance, such as recitals or open mics, can be motivating and rewarding for your students.

6. Encourage independent learning

Adult learners often have busy schedules and may not be able to practice as much as younger students. Encouraging independent learning, such as finding sheet music online or listening to recordings, can help them progress even when they are not able to practice as much.

Remember, teaching adult piano students is all about fostering a positive and supportive learning environment that helps your students reach their goals. By following these tips, you can help your students enjoy the process of learning the piano and achieve their full potential.

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