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Prepare your child for the future job market

Peace Siriapaipan
January 20, 2023
For Parents

The word ‘future’ could be daunting for some, but not as much as it is for parents. Raising the young ones could be challenging, but getting them well-prepared for the future is even more complex. Not only are you unsure about your child’s passion or strengths, but you also need to predict and study the future job market and the economy.

The current job market is competitive and fascinating. Core hard-skill jobs that are repetitive and a good number of office positions will be taken over by machines, AI and automated bots. Although robots and AI will take some jobs away from humans, they will also create new ones. Since 2000, robots and automated systems have slowly phased out 1.7 million manufacturing jobs; however, AI is predicted to create 97 million new jobs by 2025 (1).

Ultimately, future job roles will be available for those fully prepared and close the doors to the unprepared workforce. The future generation will have to work alongside the robots in the much-hyped 4th Industrial Revolution.

What does it mean for parents?

These futuristic prospects have been sparking debates about what parenting tactics and education are suitable to prepare Generation Alpha and Z kids for future job markets. These futuristic prospects will be implemented and create job opportunities globally (2).

1. The futuristic tech-mindset

It all begins with parents, communities, educators and governments to see future career skills through technology. While robotics and AI intervention may seem distant for now, they are not. They will become commonplace just like mobile devices and personal computers have become common today.

Expose your child to the latest technology and familiarise them on a daily basis. For example, SYNKii incorporates virtual elements within the classroom, including AI technology for a gamified practice room for learners (linked to SYNKii Learn)!

2. New career skills for the future job market

Parents, educators, and planners face an uphill task of preparing children for job markets we are yet to comprehend fully. Education systems must evolve to accommodate futuristic skills that embrace robotics, artificial intelligence, and job flexibility/adaptability.

The concept of studying one profession over a period of 2 to 4 years may not carry much merit in the near future, except for exceptional cases, of course. Rather, every student must try to become a jack of all trades to become eligible for as many opportunities as they arise.

Try to pinpoint your child’s strengths and advise them to be well-rounded and adaptable. Whether it is academic or artistic, more skills mean opening more doors. Please feel free to check out ‘Children’s passion and childhood development’ for ways to support and identify your child’s passion or strength.

3. Enhancement of soft skills

Even when technology and computers are taking over the job market, we all still need that human touch and interaction on a daily basis. Hard-skill jobs such as construction and automobile assembly are increasingly being shared with machines. Robots will excel in these fields and others because they are manually teachable, measurable, and cost-effective in the long run. Plus, they do not complain or get tired.

Soft skills are interpersonal skills only exhibited by humans (for now). Try to focus on your child’s soft skills, such as:

  • Socialisation excellence
  • Relational habits
  • Positivity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Problem-solving

At SYNKii, we believe education is more than the ‘subject’. It is rather the overall growth and what our learners absorb that counts. Therefore, we do our best to embed interpersonal skills and independence training within our online music academy too.

In adulthood, we continue to strive to fulfil the desires we developed in childhood. Even a single childhood experience, such as being the youngest child, can affect the child's life into adulthood. Adulthood can be seen as an extension of your childhood experience (3). Start thinking about your child’s future today and strategise your next step with confidence!

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