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Since you are here - we instantly know that we have a common passion, music. In this day and age, music is just unavoidable. At any time, millions of people are watching music videos, and listening to music - even as you are reading now. More than a passion, music is a career - and music education constantly produces promising young artists. However, everything has changed since 2020.

If you are working in music education, you must be aware of the effects of the pandemic on music education. It has frozen the world, which includes transport and in-person classes. The way that we teach and learn music has changed drastically. Online education was the only way to move forward during the global lockdown. In 2020, the global online music education market size was USD 130.74 Million; it is expected to be USD 421.92 Million by 2027. Plus, the market’s CAGR is anticipated to grow at the rate of 18.4%.

Online education has given anyone with internet access the opportunity to learn whatever they desire. Most importantly, it gives teachers flexibility, work-life balance and even financial stability. Teaching online means you can greatly expand your reach. Instead of being limited to your area, you have the whole world of potential students available. Want to digitalise your lesson? Let’s take a look at some of the ways to your success!

5 ways to succeed as an online music teacher

1. Personal Branding

Why do you choose the same products when there are other options? When the utilities are similar, we pick the products based on their USPs (Unique Selling Point). There are about 38,126 music teachers in the US. Try to differentiate yourself amongst the other music teachers with your personal brand. It starts with your individuality and the way you present yourself. Establish what you would like to be known for and curate your content and curriculum around your persona. Whether it would be your curriculum or how you represent your profile online - think about what is unique about them and how to appeal to your target audience.

2. Be in a creative space

One of many great pieces of advice is ‘surround yourself with similar goals and ambition’. As creatives, we thrive on inspiration, ideas and our environment truly affects our productivity. To be better at something, we need to learn from someone who is better than us - the same goes for our goals. By being with like-minded people, you discover different ideas and methodologies to accomplish your aspiration. Join our SYNKii community and be a part of a supportive and inspiring group today.

3. Know your worth

As previously stated, moving your lessons online exposes you to a wider audience. There is no more thinking about transportation costs and distance. The internet is your oyster and you should make the best out of this. This way, you have more opportunities to go with ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’. Select students exclusively - find those who are passionate, driven and see the value in what you do. Market yourself effectively and find your niche. This way, you can make a living out of your passion - with more flexibility.

4. Use the right platform

If zoom is the first thing that comes to mind - you may want to rethink again. Online music teaching is flexible, but it also comes with technical issues. One of the biggest issues is connection and latency. Find a platform that works for you and your students. The crucial things are interactiveness, simplicity and providing amazing learning experiences. At SYNKii, we provide an online learning platform with low latency, comes with a smart visual MINI piano, as well as writes music collaboratively with your students. Book a demo with us and see how we can support you on your journey.

5. Know your audience

When selling products or services, it doesn't really matter how amazing they are. What matters is what the target audience needs. No matter how big of a variety of your clientele are - always have the niche that comes to you for you. Are they learning with you for your teaching style, curriculum, or personal brand? What are they looking for in your lessons? Is music their hobby or career goal? Once you find that out, always keep that in mind and you are on the right track to creating great learning experiences for your students.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding occupations under the Sun. Especially music, which is loved by many and has been one of the greatest art forms. Apart from the previous five key points, remember why you started your journey. That will be your main drive to succeed and prosper in your online music teaching career. Always move with the changes in the industry. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends, and news - to utilise them to your advantage. It is a privilege to learn something new every day and the result will show through your progress.

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