Our Team

We are a diverse group of creatives passionate about curating fantastic learning and teaching experiences.

Everybody in our team plays a significant role in transforming and disrupting music education.

Our members came from different backgrounds - but we have a shared passion for music education.

Our vision and mission

We intend to democratise music education by making high-quality music education accessible to anyone that wants to learn music.​

We want to inspire the world to make music a more intrinsic part of personal expression and development.

Education is where it all begins.

Meet the team

Boram Choi

Lawrence Jenner

Yulia Kartasheva

Yorgos Papadopoulos
Business Partner

Adam King
Lead Programmer

Nicky Won
Lead Brand Designer

Jinyoung Choi
EdTech Expert

Trevor Davies

Stephen Morris
Fractional CTO

Team Culture

Our teams are based globally, but we work in unity. The secret ingredient is 'communication' with a human-first approach.

We express our creativity and make them come to life - 'limitless' is our keyword. We always learn, explore, and we highly appreciate fresh perspectives.

We are result-driven, but we do not neglect mental health and well-being. We ensure to create and make our workplace a safe space where everyone can be their best selves.

Move with urgency and focus


Democratise music education

Eager to learn and improve