We are a diverse group of creatives passionate about curating fantastic learning and teaching experiences.

Everybody in our team plays a significant role in transforming and disrupting music education.

Our members came from different backgrounds - but we have a shared passion for music education.

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Towards the end of 2020, the global pandemic moved education online, and the world was frozen for a while. Music education was difficult due to the requirements of an appropriate platform - with low latency, sound accuracy and real-time collaborative features.

Boram Choi and Lawrence Jenner founded SYNKii in November 2020 to create an online environment to teach piano during the lockdown in the UK - with the mission to create an all-inclusive solution to both music teachers and students.


We got the opportunity to participate in K-Startup Grand Challenge 2022 in Seoul, with the chance to permanently bring SYNKii to South Korea! The journey led us to Dohe, an international startup accelerator specialising in the technology sector. Their support has been an incremental part of our expansion in Seoul since August 2022.  We have gotten into the last round, and the competition resumes in January 2023!

We are always looking for growth opportunities and development! In October 2022, we travelled to Amsterdam to compete in the ADE & Antler Startup Competition to win Antler’s early-stage capital investment of €100K. We did just that (wink emoji).

We are working closely with Dohe and Antler to maximise SYNKii’s tools, services and workforce - to disrupt the music education industry with SYNKii’s all-inclusive Online Music Academy!


Since the beginning of SYNKii, we have been working hard to find allies, investors and accelerators - to join our mission and make music education accessible for every child.

After the first Business Angel invested, SYNKii Classroom became available for teachers. SYNKii Classroom reaches 24k minutes in class, supporting teachers worldwide.

Apart from day-to-day operations and working with our partners, we constantly look for opportunities, such as London Tech week and more!


We are now offering 1:1 online lessons around Europe!
We are currently developing more practice tools for students with AI integrated technology.


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Co-founder of SYNKii.
Also a bass/composition teacher.

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