Become a tutor

Become a teacher on

We’re building a team of the best private music teachers in the UK.

Most likely you will:

  • Have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a music specialism
  • Be an established or aspiring music professional
  • Have experience as a private music teacher
  • Have a safeguarding qualification or DBS equivalent

How the process works

Submit your application and build your teacher profile. Once safeguarding checks are complete, your profile will be reviewed by our team. You’ll then be published and we’ll invest heavily to make sure your profile is seen daily by thousands of prospective students looking for their next music teacher. We reserve the right to reject applications we don’t feel are a good fit. If you’re unsure, you’re welcome to send us an email prior to getting started.

Once you’re up and running

You’ll benefit from communication, lesson booking and fee collection systems that take care of all aspects of administration. There are tools for you like a purpose built online classroom and a file sharing system with many more in the pipeline.

What about payment?

You will be paid every month for your hours worked.


Please send your CV to